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+## A note on porting the OSB code ##
+The code quality for the OpenGL Superbible 5th edition is, in a word, _terrible_.  It uses Hungarian notation.  It
+shoves essential functionality into "stock shader" and geometry batching abstractions which defeat the entire purpose
+of teaching OpenGL as an API (It's not the "3D Graphics SuperBible" after all).  Even the indentation style sucks.  All
+in all, it's a great leap backward from the imperfect but still excellent 4th edition. Therefore, these ports are more
+of an _adaptation_ of the OSB examples, but not a perfect replica of them.  The shaders will be kept as similar as
+possible to the originals (sans Hungarian notation), but not tucked away in a library.  Geometry batching won't be
+dropped in from word go, but brought in gradually.