LWJGL Shader Tutorials / pom.xml

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Roi Atalla avatarRoi Atalla
First commit from IDEA.
Roi Atalla avatarRoi Atalla
So many changes! Finished porting Chapter 7 Example 1, but it doesn't exactly work yet. I may have mistyped something here and there. Also this included many changes to Matrix4, MatrixStack, Vector3, GLProgram, and even the pom.xml file (you only copied over *.vert and *.frag files, which gave me a nice lengthy debug session to figure out why my XML files aren't being copied -____-). I also created and fully functional Mesh class.
Roi Atalla avatarRoi Atalla
Fixed pom.xml errors.
Chuck Adams avatarChuck Adams
copy shader sources as resources
Chuck Adams avatarChuck Adams
added maven POM
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