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Quick Start

What you need

  • Java Development Kit for Java 7 (get it here)

  • Apache Maven available in your PATH (get it here)

  • An IDE like Eclipse, IntelliJ, or NetBeans

  • Support for Maven in your IDE (Eclipse Juno and IntelliJ both come with maven support)

  • Windows users: a version of the bash shell (either Cygwin or Git Bash are fine)

How to run samples

  1. Ensure you have Java SDK 7 and maven installed and both are in your PATH
  2. Clone this repository: hg clone https://bitbucket.org/ra4king/lwjgl-shader-tutorials
  3. Open a bash window and cd to where you cloned this repository
  4. Start the launcher: ./launch


Every section is found in the source under src/main/java/com/ra4king/opengl. Under each section you can find another README file that gives more detail, and finally some of the samples themselves may have their own README.

  • arcsynthesis: Java ports of the excellent C++ tutorials from "Learning Modern 3d Graphics Programming" at arcsynthesis.org

  • redbook: A collection of examples from the OpenGL Programming Guide first edition (warning: uses very obsolete OpenGL)

  • superbible: A collection of examples from the OpenGL SuperBible fourth edition (Also old-fashioned in parts, but fifth edition examples are coming soon!)

  • test: Miscellaneous test programs.