This project is no longer actively maintained or supported! I simply don't have the time or energy for it anymore (and haven't had for a while). The code is free to use and fork into other projects, so please don't hesitate to create something awesome with it if you like :).

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Having a hard time remembering your favourite commands and key bindings in Sublime Text? QuickRef gives you instant access to all of them from the easy-to-use command palette!

All OS:s supported!

Works for both Sublime Text 2 & 3!


Package Control
Easiest and quickest way to install is through Package Control:


QuickRef lets you keep track of every key binding you can think of, anytime and anywhere from a convenient command pallette. You can customize the bahavious in a multitude of ways and include commands that are not in the default keymap, or you simply go with that Sublime Text provides for you.



  • Use a keyboard shortcut (eg. alt+p on Windows) to bring up the QuickRef command palette.
  • All commands are searchable.
  • Selecting a command will execute it.

Adding commands

  1. Pick your favourite (or hardest to memorize) commands from any ".sublime-keymap" file (or write your own).
  2. Add as many as you like to the user settings file. Make sure that both the commands and the settings file in general are formatted correctly (see default settings file)!
  3. Add a caption (optional).
  4. Optionally add more key bindings from the user/default key bindings files.

Adding favourites

  1. Use a keyboard shortcut (eg. alt+shift+p on Windows) to bring up the QuickRef command palette in add/remove favourites mode.
  2. Simply select the command you want to mark and immediately see it get moved to the top of the list and pefixed with a (*).


Hardcore mode

Hardcore mode will not allow you to run any commands from the command palette, thus forcing you to remember them instead.

Sort alphabetically

Sort commands alphabetically or in the order that they are added to the settings file.

Beautify captions

Beautify captions. E.g.: "clear_fields" -> "Clear fields". Great for users who don't want to add captions manually.


Show favourite commands in the QuickRef command palette. Favourites will be displayed at the top of the list with a prefixed (*).

User added commands

Choose whether to show or hide user added commands.

User key bindings

Choose whether to show or hide commands from the user bindings file.

Default key bindings

Choose whether to show or hide commands from the default bindings file.

Remove duplicates

When choosing to show commands from the default key bindings file, this feature removes duplicates.

Shortcut key filter

Filter out commands by shortcut keys.

Command contexts

Show contexts for commands. They will be displayed in parenthesis after a command.

Remove duplicate contexts

Remove commands with duplicate contexts and thereby reduce potentially superfluous items.


Feedback on QuickRef is highly appreciated. Please direct all your feedback, questions, suggestions etc to the issue tracker here:


QuickRef is created and maintained by Rablador. The code is free.