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Bug fix for folder paths.

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       platform = platform[0].upper() + platform[1:].lower()
       # Load and parse commands from default keymap file.
-      default_key_bindings_path = sublime.packages_path() + '/Default/' 'Default (' + platform + ').sublime-keymap'
+      default_key_bindings_path = sublime.packages_path() + '/Default/' + 'Default (' + platform + ').sublime-keymap'
       default_key_bindings = self.parse_json(default_key_bindings_path)
       # Load and parse commands from user keymap file.
-      user_key_bindings_path = sublime.packages_path() + '/User/' 'Default (' + platform + ').sublime-keymap'
+      user_key_bindings_path = sublime.packages_path() + '/User/' + 'Default (' + platform + ').sublime-keymap'
       user_key_bindings = self.parse_json(user_key_bindings_path)
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