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⚠ This project is now maintained in a Git repository at GitHub

Mannex is yet another extension library for the Microsoft .NET Framework, but with a few twists and a unique approach:

  • It can be used piecemeal; take only what you need
  • You can include it as an external assembly reference or just include its source and go
  • Just leave out one file and extension methods from Mannex appear internal to your own library or application, leaving your public API pristine and under your control
  • It introduces no new types
  • Contributing is much easier because it uses Mercurial for its code repository, enabling developers to make and exchange extension proposals without write access

In general, extension methods are designed to avoid duplication by embodying a common and repetitive task on an object (the this and first parameter) through a combination of other methods on the same object and methods on other objects passed in as parameters.

As extension methods are meant to be small and simple utilities, Mannex takes a least intrusive and intuitive approach to adding value to your own project and code. You can just include the C# files directly into your project, somewhat akin to static linking in C/C++. This means you don't take a hit on yet another assembly for deployment.

While Mannex may grow in size as more and more extension methods are added, your project does not necessarily take the bloat. Not doing web development? Fine, just don't include files with extensions methods from that space.

In the near future, Mannex hopes to provide a sort-of bundling tool (help wanted) that will enable developers to pick and choose what they wish to use. Today, you will have to choose to include or exclude files manually. Meanwhile, you can also try to achieve a similar effect with ILMerge and its /internalize switch.

Mannex is also available as a NuGet package!

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