DSS OpenShift Edition


The purpose of this application is to demonstrate that running of complex scientific models can be conducted also from the web environment using a small home-made cluster powered by multiple OpenShift gears.

Distributed computatinal framework originally developed for DSS was modified for deployment on OpenShift and powers a simple Gaussian puff model simulating aerial propagation of a radioactive noble gas <sup>41</sup>Ar.

The framework runs on multiple OpenShift gears. One gear serves CherryPy web-server providing web interface and a task manager serving a task queue. Tasks inserted into the queue by users are processed by computatinal nodes (workers) hosted on different gears.

All source codes including deployment scripts were released under GPL 2 licence and are available on Bitbucket. As a great by-product, a Cherrypy application template for an easy start of CherryPy application development on OpenShift was created.

Workspace Structure

  • src DSS application source for development
  • worker_src workers source for development
  • deploy applications prepared for deployment
    • dss DSS deploy directory
    • worker workers deploy directory
  • deploy-templates/dss template for DSS OpenShift application structure
  • Gruntfile.js build script for Grunt.js
  • package.json build configuraton

Deployment With Grunt.js

Deployment scripts and itself whole build process was created just to make the deployment such easy as it's on our projects running on Google App Engine == Hit the button to get version deployed on servers. Thats the whole goal.


From the highlevel point of view looks the deployment process like this: Deployment Overview

The heart of deployment process is the Grunt.js powered build script which works like this:

Deploy Script Detail

And according to distributed infrastructure of DSS the deployment process is able to deploy all application components to the right gear:

Infrastructure Deployment


At first only MacOS or Linux are supported for development and deployment. You also have to set up node.js and Grunt.js on your machine if you haven't already.

First Deploy

Before first deploy init the Grunt.js:

cd to/project/directory     //The one containing Gruntfile.js
npm install

Configure file package.json to point on your gear Git repository:

  // Name of application could by changed   
  "name": "DSSOS",
  // Application version should be updated in case of modification
  "version": "0.0.1",
  // Path to DSS application python sources
  "src_dss_dir": "./src/",
  // Path to template of DSS openshift application
  "deploy_dss_template_dir": "./deploy-template/app/",
  // Work directory for DSS deploy scripts
  "deploy_dss_out_dir": "./deploy/",
  // Path to git repository to which the DSS application will be deployed
  "deploy_git_repo": "ssh://",
  // Path to worker sources
  "src_worker_dir": "./worker_src/",
  // Work directory for worker deploy scripts
  "deploy_worker_out_dir": "./deploy/worker/",
  // List of repositories to which the worker application will be pushed
  "deploy_worker_git_repos": [
  // Build number updated automatically by build scripts
  "build": 1,
  "devDependencies": {

Run the deploy tasks:


At this moment application should be deployed on your OpenShift gear. In case of any problem during deployment use:

grunt --verbose

to get more informations from scripts execution.

Repeated Deployment

Repeated deployment could be executed by running following command:


Grunt.js Tasks

Very short description of build tasks:

  • default - default task prepares DSS application and workers and deploys it on OpenShift gear. Increments build number in package.json.
  • deploy_dss - deploys DSS on OpenShift gear. Execution do not affect build number.
  • deploy_worker - deploys worker on OpenShift gears. Execution do not affect build number.
  • deploy_dss_prepare - prepares DSS application for deployment into deploy/dss directory. Execution do not affect build number.
  • deploy_dss_to_openshift - deploys DSS application into gear repository. Execution do not affect build number.
  • deploy_worker_prepare - prepares worker application for deployment into dss/worker directory. Execution do not affect build number.
  • deploy_worker_to_openshift - deploys worker application into configured gear repositories. Execution do not affect build number.