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Oberon / Build_Instructions

Build Instructions #*

Compiler Requirements

  • MSVC12.0 (i.e. Visual Studio 2013)
  • g++ (4.7+)

Brief Outline

Oberon is a pretty uncomplicated library and only a couple simple steps are required to integrate it into a project or run the example apps. For the experienced out there you can refer to the following dot points, more detailed instructions follow below.

  • Oberon depends on boost, add appropriate linker and include paths
  • Oberon is fairly simple and does not strictly require a build system, I have provided one for convenience
    • Compiling all the .cpp directly files into your project will work just fine
  • Oberon uses a number of C++11 features, however these could be removed fairly easily by a skilled developer (freeing it up to work with earlier compilers).


Boost is the only external dependency for Oberon. If you're a C++ programmer and you don't know about boost then shame on you!

Get it from here

Oberon is guaranteed to be compatible with boost 1.55.0 or 1.56.0, however other versions will likely work as well.

Once you have it downloaded it will need to built to be used by Oberon (this is done separately for simplicity of configuration). Extract the boost archive to a location and build it with the following commands:

./bootstrap.bat // or ./
./bjam -jX      // where X is number of parallel jobs to run

There are much more detailed instructions and information on the boost website if you're interested.

Once you have extracted and built the boost libraries you will need to move/rename the whole extracted boost folder to:


i.e. at the same level as examples/ and the oberon/ source folder.


Premake is the build system that I have provided config files for, if you are using your own build system you can skip this part and will need to guide yourself. Premake is straightforward to use for building and configuration, but you will need to download and install it first. The term install is used loosely, Premake is just a binary so you can use it directly or put in your path if you desire.

Get it from here.

Testing was done with Premake 4.4beta5 which has beta support for vs2012 project files.

Generating the Build files

Everything is now in place, navigate to the oberon folder with a shell and execute the following: Windows

premake4.exe vs2012


premake4 gmake

This will create a builds/ folder and fill it with either makefiles or a Visual Studio 2012 solution.

Building on Windows

Open the solution file with Visual Studio 2013, you will be prompted to upgrade the solution files, do so and proceed. From here you should just use the IDE to build a project or the whole solution depending on your desire. There is a debug and release configuration for your convenience.

Building on Linux

Open a shell to the builds/ folder and you can execute make commands.

  • make // all targets
  • make <target> // oberon basic_1 basic_2 subversion_clone
  • make config=debug
  • make config=release

NOTE: I would avoid using -jX for parallel compiles as the makefiles generated by premake seem to have some ordering issues.