This is an Apache 2.2+ module that supports serving files from MongoDB GridFS.

See and for more information.

See LICENSE file for licensing details.

This code is available free of charge from
Old driver that is written in C and used MongoDB C driver is still available in the "c-driver" branch.

Building (see next section for Ubuntu fast-forward instructions):
Make sure you have g++ and boost libraries (filesystem, system, thread) installed
Install Apache 2.2+ and APXS
Grab the module from, remember the absolute path to the directory (referenced as /path/to/mod_gridfs later on)
Grab MongoDB from (post-2.0 branch required) and go to its directory
Build MongoDB C++ driver source package from MongoDB sources:
	scons distclient
Unpack the resulting archive (mongo-cxx-driver.tgz) and go it its directory
Fix the driver build environment (build static library with PIC to allow module to be built as a shared library):
	echo 'env.Append(CCFLAGS="-fPIC")' >> SConstruct
Apply the GridFS slaveOk patch:
	patch -d src/mongo/client < /path/to/mod_gridfs/patches/gridfs-slaveok
Build the driver:

Ubuntu pre-build instructions:
sudo apt-get -y install wget g++ apache2 apache2-threaded-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-thread-dev

Ubuntu build instructions:
wget --no-check-certificate
tar xzf release.tar.gz
rm release.tar.gz
mv onyxmaster-mod_gridfs-* mod_gridfs
cd mod_gridfs
wget --no-check-certificate
tar xzf master
rm master
mv mongodb-mongo-* mongo
scons -C mongo distclient
tar xzf mongo/mongo-cxx-driver.tgz
rm -rf mongo
echo 'env.Append(CCFLAGS="-fPIC")' >> mongo-cxx-driver/SConstruct
patch -d mongo-cxx-driver/src/mongo/client < patches/gridfs-slaveok
scons -C mongo-cxx-driver
make -C gridfs

Ubuntu pre-installation instructions:
sudo apt-get -y install apache2 libstdc++6 libboost-filesystem libboost-system libboost-thread

Ubuntu installation instructions (copy mod_gridfs directory to a target machine first):
cd mod_gridfs
sudo make -C gridfs install

GridFSConnection -- Connection string ("host[:port]" for single hosts, "replicaSetName/host[:port],[host[:port], ...]" for replica sets)
GridFSDatabase <database> -- Set database name
GridFSCacheMaxAge <maxAge> -- Optional, set cache max age in seconds (default is 1 week, maximum is 10 years), set to 0 to disable expiration caching (see Notes below)
GridFSConnectTimeout <timeout> -- Optional, set MongoDB connection timeout in seconds (default is 5 seconds)
GridFSSlaveOk <On|Off> -- Optional, set MongoDB slaveOk mode (horizontal sharding)

Configuration example:
GridFSConnection rsTest/db1,db2
GridFSDatabase my_database

Implementation notes:
This module was developed to serve static content that is cached on frontend reverse proxies, hence by default it sets the following headers:
	Cache-Control: public, max-age=<max_age>
	Expires: <Date+max_age>
	Last-Modified: <uploadDate>
	Etag: <md5> (if MD5 is available for file)
You can disable "Cache-Control" and "Expires" headers by setting GridFSCacheMaxAge to 0.

Content-type, if not specified in GridFS file "contentType" field, is automatically determined using mod_mime (or any other type checker module that works without accessing file contents).
Also, it supports HEAD requests, conditional queries (If-Modified-Since and/or If-None-Match with proper 304 Not Modified response).
It doesn't support range queries (not going to be implemented soon).

Known problems:
If you're using gcc version less than 4.5, Apache parent process would crash when reloading modules (on a restart after module list is updated).
This is a known problem with gcc and libstdc++. Unfortunately, the only workaround is to upgrade your compiler and standard C++ library.