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sandy - simple ncurses text editor
sandy is a simple ncurses text editor.

In order to build sandy you need the ncurses header files.

Edit to match your local setup (sandy is installed into the
/usr/local namespace by default). Optionally, create a config.h file to 
further configure the editor at compile time. An examples file is provided as 

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install sandy (use root if

    make clean install

Running sandy
Use the following syntax:

	sandy [-r] [-S | -s SYNTAX] [-t TABSTOP] [File]

-a starts with autoindent
-r opens the file read-only
-S use no syntax colors at all.
-s SYNTAX  lets you specify the syntax colors for this file
-t TABSTOP sets the tabstop for this instance of sandy

In case you are wondering, sandy was the smartest pet ferret. She died of
cancer though. We were sad and started coding this editor.

Recent activity

Rafael García

Rafael García pushed 109 commits to rafaelgg/sandy

e9542fc - Fixed regex for osx implementation, patch by Tomasz Klak
dc2ab9e - Manpage typos
5f01aad - Ruby syntax highlighting
a91ce0c - Stupid comment talking about old behavior removed
67b9871 - Change lowercase and uppercase functions in config file to include at least ISO-8859-1 characters that have a defined case change. PS: damn eszett
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