Rafael García committed 3f591ac

Fix for UTF-8 input.

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 static int    run(void);
 static void   setup(int);
 static size_t textw(const char*);
+static size_t textwn(const char*, int);
 static char   text[BUFSIZ] = "";
 static int    mw;
-	fprintf(stderr, "\033[%iG", (int)(promptw+cursor+3));
-	/* fprintf(stderr, "\n"); */
+	fprintf(stderr, "\033[%iG", (int)(promptw+textwn(text, cursor)-1));
 textw(const char *s) {
-	return (s?strlen(s):0)+4;
+	return textwn(s, -1);
+textwn(const char *s, int l) {
+	int b, c; /* bytes and UTF-8 characters */
+	for(b=c=0; s && s[b] && (l<0 || b<l); b++) if((s[b] & 0xc0) != 0x80) c++;
+	return c+4; /* Accomodate for the leading and trailing spaces */
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