This is a simple zc.buildout recipe that will use the virtualenv package to turn the buildout root into a sandboxed virtual python environment. It is especially useful in conjunction with gp.recipe.pip, which can then be used to install python packages into the virtualenv that has been created.

Supported Options


Extra options that will be used when the virtualenv command is invoked. These should match exactly what would be used on a command line.


This option can be set to a list of URLs, each of which should point to an archive (tarball, zip, etc.) of a python package which supports simple distutils installation (i.e. 'python install'). Each of these packages will be installed into the virtualenv sandbox. This is useful for installing certain older packages that do not work with pip, such as egenix-mx-base.

Example Usage

This is a very simple buildout file that creates a virtualenv with no site packages and using distribute. It then installs egenix-mx-base using distutils, and the latest version of Pylons and all of its dependencies using pip:

parts =

recipe = rjm.recipe.venv
venv_options = --no-site-packages --distribute
distutils_urls =

recipe = gp.recipe.pip
virtualenv = ${buildout:directory}
install = pylons