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Issue #8 resolved

Custom Output Library overrides fooOutput library

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I have a custom output library defined in my application/libraries folder. when I attempt to run tests from the command line, I receive the following message:

..........PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method edudirect_Output::pop_output() in ~/Sites/EDUDIRECT/trunk/system/application/tests/CIUnit.php on line 222

where edudirect_Ouput is the name of my applications custom output library.

It looks like for some reason CIUnit is loading my custom output library rather than fooOutput.

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  1. Clemens Gruenberger repo owner


    you have to extend the fooOutput class in your MY_Output class like so:

    #file MY_Oputput.php
    class MY_Output extends fooOutput {
        function __construct()
        function myfunction()
            return True;

    and then you can eg. test if the function of your output class is callable, like so

        function testMyOutputClass()

    I tested this with CodeIgniter 1.7.2 and had no issues. Please let me know if that solves your problem. cheers rafsoaken

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