Ruby on Rails Tutorial sample application

This is the reference implementation of the sample application for the 4th edition of Ruby on Rails Tutorial: Learn Web Development with Rails by Michael Hartl.


All source code in the Ruby on Rails Tutorial is available jointly under the MIT License and the Beerware License. See for details.

Getting started

To get started with the app, clone the repo and then install the needed gems:

$ cd /path/to/repos
$ git clone sample_app_reference
$ cd sample_app_reference
$ bundle install --without production

Next, migrate the database:

$ rails db:migrate

Finally, run the test suite to verify that everything is working correctly:

$ rails test

If the test suite passes, you'll be ready to run the app in a local server:

$ rails server

To check out the code for a particular chapter, use

$ git checkout chapter-branch-name

where you can find the branch name using

$ git branch -a

A branch called remotes/orgin/foo-bar can be checked out using git checkout foo-bar.

For more information, see the Ruby on Rails Tutorial book.