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  Sorry for the shouting but some users did that wrong even though I described it in all detail and simple words in the guide of my PTS mod.
  In case you have any of my other mods installed, Windows tells you this folder is already there and whether it should be integrated.
  Accept the integration.</p>
+      <h3>Installation guide for dummies</h3>
+   <p>1. Unpack the rar file. I hope you got WinRAR installed. If not then go get it 
+      (google for it).<br />
+      <br />
+      2. Open the installation path of GTAIV/EFLC. On PCs with a 32 bit version of 
+      Windows it&#39;s<br />
+      C:\programs\Rockstar Games\GTA IV (if you want to play with Niko)<br />
+      or<br />
+      C:\programs\Rockstar Games\EFLC (if you want to play with Luis Lopez)<br />
+      In case you run a 64 bit Windows then it&#39;s<br />
+      C:\programs (x86)\Rockstar Games\GTA IV (if you want to play with Niko)<br />
+      or<br />
+      C:\programs (x86\Rockstar Games\EFLC (if you want to play with Luis Lopez)<br />
+      Of course you can install the mod in both.<br />
+      <br />
+      3. Look for a folder called &quot;scripts&quot;. Create it if it&#39;s not there (do you need 
+      help in creating a folder? Please look in the windows help for it)<br />
+      <br />
+      4. Get HazardX&#39;s .net Scripthook if you don&#39;t already have it. See section 
+      &quot;Legal Blurp&quot; above for the download link. You should also make sure you have 
+      the latest version of it installed. Don&#39;t worry, if you just downloaded it now 
+      then you have it.<br />
+      <br />
+      5. Open the scripts folder<br />
+      <br />
+      6. Copy the Havoc!.net.dll and the ScriptHookDotNet.dll into the scripts folder.<br />
+      <br />
+      7. Open your Documents folder. In case it&#39;s not on your desktop go to 
+      C:\users\YourUserNameHere\Documents<br />
+      <br />
+      8. Copy the GTA IV folder from the unpacked rar file to there.<br />
+      <br />
+      9. DONE </p>
    <h2>How to use this mod</h2>
    <p>At any time you face a stuck ped or a stuck vehicle, press <b>Shift+R</b>.<br />
       All peds and vehicles in a perimeter of 5 meters will be recovered.<br />