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Small changes for dummies in the config section of the guide.

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File EmergencyRecover/EmergencyRecover.Guide/EmergencyRecoverGuide.htm

       You can find the configuration in Documents\GTA 
       IV\ModSettings\EmergencyRecover\EmergencyRecoverConfig.xml (if you installed it 
       correctly).<br />
-      Here is the default content. A detailed explanation follows below.</p>
+      You can edit XML files with the notepad. If you need further assistance with modifying XML files or XML files in general I recommend you download my PTS mod and read the FAQ section of the guide. I have explained XML files in all detail there.<br />
+      Here is the default content 
+      of the EmergencyRecoverConfig.xml. A detailed explanation follows below.</p>
    <div style="color: black; background: #fafafa; font-family: Consolas; font-size: 11pt;">
       <p style="margin: 0px;">
          <span style="color: teal; background: white;">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;1</span>&nbsp;<span