Django-monitor / CHANGES.rst

Rajeesh Nair 02bc081 

Django-monitor: CHANGE LOG

* monitor now contains one more utility function, ``get_monitor_entry``.
  It will return the monitor_entry that corresponds to the given object.
  **Example**: ::

    import monitor

* The model, ``MonitorEntry`` now supports the following public methods to
  help developer:

  + ``approve``, ``challenge`` and ``reset_to_pending`` to moderate objects
    by code.  Combining with get_monitor_entry, a developer may write: ::

      import monitor
      my_inst = MyModel.objects.create(arg1 = 1)
      # my_inst is in pending status now.
      # Now it got approved.

  + ``moderate`` does the same job as above but can be used when the moderation
    status is not known but stored in some variable. ::

      # We want to set status of my_inst to the value stored in say, `status`.

  + ``is_approved``, ``is_challenged`` and ``is_pending`` can be used to make
      sure that the desired object is in some particular moderation status. ::


* BUGFIX: There was a bug with our ``save_handler`` function which handled the
  post_save moderation. Whenever an object is saved, the function would invoke
  ``moderate_rel_objects`` which in turn reset status of the objects and all of
  its related objects to PENDING_STATUS. ``moderate_rel_objects`` should be
  invoked here for newly created objects only. Fixed.

* The documentation is updated to inlcude new changes in code.