Django-monitor / .hgtags

Rajeesh Nair 22ef1c6 
Rajeesh Nair 1910a58 
Rajeesh Nair 367d024 
Rajeesh Nair 5e01f55 
Rajeesh Nair f8d86ac 
Rajeesh Nair 699dc04 

Rajeesh Nair 44df8ea 

Rajeesh Nair c46508e 
Rajeesh Nair 18583f6 
Rajeesh Nair 2e50d34 
Rajeesh Nair 9c70da6 
02bc08193881b82f856b38e73c1af57b50631938 0.1.1
1ea885cf70fc299d0006409a6ce8dca73868e79f 0.1.2
8ae23bbd6d5a4f6f66c2a31994dfbdce40838089 0.1.4a
14c6ec83a704d599ea5c5a90ebcc694b37102453 0.1.5a
abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2a
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2a
699dc049e34142e3ce6c5de4f842e4fc16abc3a8 0.2a
8071a34329e45e81faa739be0c7562a9cefa465b 0.2a2
11eb8a0d1040941a43333a4a5036587890684dc0 0.2a3
d7f110d029b5d2261419a20c264861a38f1fa5a4 0.2b
583ce8b4f3b369bcf195ac6e50e6db6074a311fe 0.2rc
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