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 Here, the moderation process is well integrated with django-admin. That is, all
 moderation actvities are performed from within the changelist page itself.
-The detailed documentation is available at the following locations:
+The detailed documentation for latest revision is available at: 
 * Within the ``docs/source/`` directory inside the source path.
+* Python >= 2.4
+* Django >= 1.1
 Basic usage (developers)
-* Register the model for moderation using ``monitor.nq``.
+* Register the model for moderation using ``django_monitor.nq``.
   **Example**: ::
     from django.contrib import admin, MyAdmin)
+.. note::
+   Django-monitor can not bring existing model instances under moderation.
+   So, enqueue the model first and then only create model instances.
 More details given at the documentation locations mentioned above.