Changelist filter does not show the moderation status selected

Issue #4 resolved
Rajeesh Punathil
repo owner created an issue

In the admin change-list page, filter always point to the All choice in the moderation status filter, even when we have chosen pending or challenged.

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  1. Rajeesh Punathil reporter

    Django-monitor: Fixed #4

    • The issue #4 was about changelist filter always pointing to the `All` option irrespective of the choice selected by user. The reason was that filter rendering happens after calls to ``model_admin.queryset`` which in turn removes the ``status`` parameter from GET dict. So being unable to retrieve the selected ``status``, the filter always sets the lookup_val as None. None corresponds to the choice, ``All``. Fixed the issue by extracting the ``status`` parameter from the request path.


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