Django-monitor / .hgtags

02bc08193881b82f856b38e73c1af57b50631938 0.1.1
1ea885cf70fc299d0006409a6ce8dca73868e79f 0.1.2
8ae23bbd6d5a4f6f66c2a31994dfbdce40838089 0.1.4a
14c6ec83a704d599ea5c5a90ebcc694b37102453 0.1.5a
abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
abac1b1b32582f1bbca67b85fda2d9d1f5a49f8d 0.2a
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2a
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.2a
699dc049e34142e3ce6c5de4f842e4fc16abc3a8 0.2a
8071a34329e45e81faa739be0c7562a9cefa465b 0.2a2
11eb8a0d1040941a43333a4a5036587890684dc0 0.2a3
d7f110d029b5d2261419a20c264861a38f1fa5a4 0.2b
583ce8b4f3b369bcf195ac6e50e6db6074a311fe 0.2rc
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