PerlMonks Modern Theme

Copyright © 2013 Ralesk under the terms of the Artistic License.

This is an attempt to create a PM theme that makes PM look like something not from twenty years ago. Thankfully the DIV mode is quite well done, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

To use, turn on all the div-instead-of-table features in your Display Settings, turn on Large Code Font, choose No Theme, and point the custom CSS field towards an instance of pm.css.


  • A sandy theme (yellowish-brownish, red links)
  • Its recommended fonts are Liberation and Envy Code R
  • Code and inline code blocks are slightly emphasised with colour and an inset shadow
  • Nodelets live in a gutter
  • Formatting threads into little boxes with slight outset shadow
  • Reputation in the corner, thinner node box header


  • Blue theme (so it feels like PerlMonks)
  • Actually make the rest of the thing, such as
    • Front page and various special pages
    • Nodelet design
    • Header and footer