What is it?

BitBucket and GitHub are two popular services for developers to host and share their code online. Nowadays it is a common practice to mirror a project's source code in both services so that users can easily watch and fork the project from their favorite service.

But manually syncing BitBucket and GitHub is tedious and error prone. I developed this little package to automate the syncing both ways.

How to use it?

  • Call "bitbucket2github" to mirror all public repos in BitBucket account to GitHub. It will prompt you for BitBucket username, GitHub username and GitHub API key.
  • Call "github2bitbucket" to mirror all public repos in GitHub account to BitBucket. It will prompt you for GitHub username, BitBucket username and BitBucket password.

Latest Version

The latest version of this project can be found at :


Option 1

sudo pip install bitbucket2github

Option 2 : If you downloaded the source code

tar xzvf bitbucket2github-1.0.tar.gz
cd bitbucket2github-1.0
sudo python install


This project is licensed under New BSD license.

Contribution and Feedback

Contributions and Feedback are most welcome. Please email the author with your comments.