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+Front Matter
+Information about the Dogpile project.
+Project Homepage
+Dogpile is hosted on `Bitbucket <>`_ - the lead project page is at  Source
+code is tracked here using `Mercurial <>`_.
+Releases and project status are available on Pypi at
+The most recent published version of this documentation should be at
+Install released versions of Dogpile from the Python package index with `pip <>`_ or a similar tool::
+    pip install dogpile
+Installation via source distribution is via the ```` script::
+    python install
+Dogpile is developed by `Mike Bayer <>`_, and is 
+loosely associated with the `Pylons Project <>`_.
+As Dogpile's usage increases, it is anticipated that the Pylons mailing list and IRC channel
+will become the primary channels for support.
+Bugs and feature enhancements to Dogpile should be reported on the `Bitbucket
+issue tracker
+<>`_.  If you're not sure 
+that a particular issue is specific to either dogpile.cache or Dogpile, posting to the `dogpile.cache issue tracker <>`_
+is likely the better place to post first, but it's not critical either way.
+* `dogpile.cache issue tracker <>`_ (post here if unsure)
+* `dogpile issue tracker <>`_

File docs/build/index.rst

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File docs/build/usage.rst

-Dogpile Usage Guide
+Usage Guide
 At its core, Dogpile provides a locking interface around a "value creation" function.
 we approach how a fully featured caching system might be constructed around
-Note that when using the `dogpile.cache <>`_
-package, the constructs here provide the internal implementation for that system,
-and users of that system don't need to access these APIs directly (though understanding
-the general patterns is a terrific idea in any case).
+Do I Need to Learn Dogpile's API Directly?
+It's anticipated that most users of Dogpile will be using it indirectly via the
+`dogpile.cache <>`_ caching
+front-end.  If you fall into this category, then the short answer is no.
+Dogpile provides core internals to the 
+`dogpile.cache <>`_
+package, which provides a simple-to-use caching API, rudimental
+backends for Memcached and others, and easy hooks to add new backends.  
+Users of dogpile.cache
+don't need to know or access Dogpile's APIs directly, though a rough understanding
+the general idea is always helpful.
 Using the core Dogpile APIs described here directly implies you're building your own 
 resource-usage system outside, or in addition to, the one 
 `dogpile.cache <>`_ provides.