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some cleanup

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+import sys
 import itertools
 from fabulous import image
                 need_reset = True
                 line += '<' + (self.pad * len(list(items)))[1:]
+if __name__ == '__main__':
+    for imgpath in sys.argv[1:]:
+        for line in DebugImage(imgpath):
+            print line
     def write(self, data):
         if self.need_cr:
-            width = max(min(utils.term_width(), len(self.last)), len(data))
+            width = max(min(utils.term.width, len(self.last)), len(data))
             fmt = "\r%-" + str(width) + "s\n" + self.last
             fmt = "%s\n"
             self.need_cr = True
-        width = utils.term_width()
+        width = utils.term.width
         for line in data.rstrip().split('\n'):
             if line:
                 if len(line) > width:


 from fabulous.color import *
+logger = logging.getLogger('fabulous')
 def luv():
     msg = "hello there how are you?  i love you!  sincerely compy <3 <3"
     while True:
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