J.A. Roberts Tunney committed c6a2348

fix listing

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 def read(fname):
     return open(os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), fname)).read()
+version = __import__('fabulous').__version__
     name                 = 'fabulous',
-    version              = __import__('fabulous').__version__,
-    url                  = '',
+    version              = version,
+    url                  = '',
     author               = 'J.A. Roberts Tunney',
     author_email         = '',
     description          = 'Makes your terminal output totally fabulous',
-    download_url         = '',
+    download_url         = (''
+                            'fabulous-' + version + '.tar.gz'),
     long_description     = read('README'),
     license              = 'MIT',
     install_requires     = ['grapefruit'],
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