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A few more 2/3 mods.

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 """An HTML to XHTML converter."""
 from __future__ import print_function
 import re
-import htmlentitydefs
 import codecs
 import encodings.aliases
 import six
+from six.moves import html_entities as htmlentitydefs
 __all__ = [
 def sniff_encoding(xml):
     """Detects the XML encoding as per XML 1.0 section F.1."""
-    if isinstance(xml, str):
+    if isinstance(xml, six.binary_type):
         xmlstr = xml
-    elif isinstance(xml, basestring):
+    elif isinstance(xml, six.text_type):
         xmlstr = xml.encode('utf-8')
         raise TypeError('Expected a string, got %r' % type(xml))
        If the returned encoding is lowercase it means the BOM uniquely
        identified an encoding, so we don't need to parse the <?xml...?>
        to extract the encoding in theory."""
-    if not isinstance(xml, str):
-        raise TypeError('Expected str, got %r' % type(xml))
+    if not isinstance(xml, six.binary_type):
+        raise TypeError('Expected str/bytes, got %r' % type(xml))
     # Warning: The UTF-32 codecs aren't present before Python 2.6...
     # See also http://bugs.python.org/issue1399
     enc = {
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