Jorge Vargas avatar Jorge Vargas committed 485815b

- fixing broken test for 4c991b2062fa the real reason is 3579effadb7b is eating up nose exception. I also think that should be backed out as it's not the proper fix.

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             if engine_name == 'json' and not hasattr(response, '__json__') and not isinstance(response, basestring) and not is_saobject(response):
                 raise JsonEncodeError('Your Encoded object must be dict-like.')
             return response
-        except:
+        except KeyError:
         """Return a JSON string representation of a Python object."""


     def test_json_expose_obj(self):
         resp ='/json_expose_obj')
-        assert '{"got_json": true}' in resp, resp.body
+        assert '{"a": 1, "b": 2}' in resp, resp.body
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