Christoph Zwerschke  committed d008d86

The Genshi renderer should use the right method depending on the response content-type (#2506).

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File tg/

 HTML = XML = None
 def render_genshi(template_name, template_vars, **kwargs):
     """Render the template_vars with the Genshi template"""
-    global HTML,XML
+    global HTML, XML
     if not HTML or not XML:
-        from genshi import HTML,XML
+        from genshi import HTML, XML
     template_vars.update(HTML=HTML, XML=XML)
-    if 'method' not in kwargs and 'templating.genshi.method' in config:
-        kwargs['method'] = config['templating.genshi.method']
+    if 'method' not in kwargs:
+        kwargs['method'] = {'text/xml': 'xml', 'text/plain': 'text'}.get(
+            response.content_type, config.get('templating.genshi.method'))
     # (in a similar way, we could pass other serialization options when they
     # will be supported - see
 def render_json(template_name, template_vars, **kwargs):
     return tg.json_encode(template_vars)
-def render_kajiki(template_name, extra_vars=None, cache_key=None, 
+def render_kajiki(template_name, extra_vars=None, cache_key=None,
                   cache_type=None, cache_expire=None, method='xhtml'):
     """Render a template with Kajiki
     Accepts the cache options ``cache_key``, ``cache_type``, and
     ``cache_expire`` in addition to method which are passed to Kajiki's
     render function.
     # Create a render callable for the cache function
     def render_template():
         # Pull in extra vars if needed
         globs = extra_vars or {}
         # Second, get the globals
         # Grab a template reference
         template = globs['app_globals'].kajiki_loader.load(template_name)
         return literal(template(globs).render())
     return templating.cached_template(template_name, render_template, cache_key=cache_key,
                            cache_type=cache_type, cache_expire=cache_expire,
                            ns_options=('method'), method=method)