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 .. _deploy_ini:
-Creating a Production Config
+Production Config
 Your production config file looks much like your `development.ini` file,
 but you will generally need to make a number of changes to make your config
 You will likely replace your entire application checkout directory every time
 you re-deploy your application, so things such as persistent session-storage,
-and cache directories should be located outside your checkout.  The appropriate
-location is somewhat open to sysadmin preference, but a good default choice
-would be `/var/local/myappname`, which would create config lines like this:
+and cache directories should be located outside your checkout.
+If you are deploying with an egg, you can continue to use %(here)s in the config
+to reference the "deployment directory" (where you production.ini file is),
+and this will be outside the egg's path.  (This is the :ref:`deploy_standard`)
+If you are using a source-code-checkout into the deployment location, the
+appropriate location is somewhat open to sysadmin preference, but a good
+default choice would be `/var/local/myappname`, which would create config
+lines like this:
 .. code-block:: ini
    beaker.cache.data_dir = /var/local/myapp/cache
    beaker.cache.lock_dir = /var/local/myapp/locks
+You will need to create these directories and make them writable by the
+www-data user.
 See :ref:`caching` and :ref:`session` for discussions of the Beaker system
 along with alternative deployment options, such as the use of :ref:`memcache`.
+See :ref:`deploy_code` for dicussions of how to deploy
 Check Log-file Options
    class = logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler
-   args = ('/var/log/myapp.log', 'a',1024*1024*50,3)
+   args = ('/var/log/myapp/myapp.log', 'a',1024*1024*50,3)
    level = WARN
    formatter = generic
    level = WARN
+You will want to be sure that the /var/log/myapp directory exists, and is
+writable by the www-data user.
+.. code-block:: bash
+   $ sudo mkdir /var/log/myapp
+   $ sudo chown www-data:www-data /var/log/myapp
 See :ref:`config_logging` for more details.
+Test your Config
+Your paster config-file is a regular config-file, and often you can run
+it with the `Paste` web-server.  Keep in mind that your config file will
+likely specify file-paths that only the www-data user can write to, so
+you will likely need to run paster as the www-data user:
+.. code-block:: bash
+   $ sudo -u paster server production.ini
 .. _deploy_ini_scc:
 Check In Your Config