Ralph Bean committed 3120fa9

Updated the mod_wsgi deployment docs.

There was a lot of confusion as indicated on the list cited below as well as
numerous other threads.

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    $ sudo -u www-data bash
    $ cd myapp
    $ source bin/activate
-   $ easy_install -i tg.devtools
-   $ mkdir python-eggs
-   $ exit
+   (myapp)$ easy_install -i tg.devtools
+   (myapp)$ mkdir python-eggs
+   (myapp)$ exit
 .. note::
    allows you to explicitly control which packages are installed and
    keep local copies of them to prevent external dependencies.
-.. warning::
+Deploying Your Project Code
-   The tg.devtools package does *not* automatically install all of the
-   dependencies of a QuickStarted TurboGears |version| package.  Your
-   package should declare its dependencies so that when it is installed
-   into the VirtualEnv it will pull in the required dependencies!
+You have a number of options for deploying your code.  See :ref:`deploy_code`.
-   See :ref:`deploy_code`
+If you are following this :ref:`deploy_standard`, you should be sure to deploy
+the code of your project to `/usr/local/turbogears/myapp`.
-.. _`deploy_modwsgi_deploy`:
+If you are going to :ref:`deploy_checkout`, make sure to install
+`/usr/local/turbogears/myapp`'s dependencies (into `/usr/local/pythonenv/myapp`)
+and generate its meta-data by using the `develop` option to
 modwsgi_deploy Helper Script
 .. code-block:: bash
-   (tg2env)$ easy_install bzr
-   (tg2env)$ bzr branch
-   (tg2env)$ cd parameterized/trunk
-   (tg2env)$ python develop
-   (tg2env)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
-.. code-block:: bash
-   (tg2env)$ easy_install modwsgideploy
-   (tg2env)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
+   $ cd ~
+   $ easy_install bzr
+   $ bzr branch
+   $ cd parameterized/trunk
+   $ source /usr/local/pythonenv/bin/activate
+   (myapp)$ python develop
+   (myapp)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
+   (myapp)$
+   (myapp)$ cd /usr/local/turbogears/myapp
+   (myapp)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --logging [other options you choose]
+   (myapp)$ deactivate
 .. todo:: When we have the branch integrated, replace with easy_install modwsgideploy