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File docs/main/Deployment/Checkout.rst

+.. _deploy_checkout:
+Deploy with a Source Code Checkout
+.. note::
+   This is *not* part of the :ref:`deploy_standard`, but is a commonly used
+   alternative because of it uses familiar tools for most developers.
+Assuming you are otherwise using the :ref:`deploy_standard`, the only change
+involved in using a Source Code Checkout for your project instead of building
+an egg is that you will check out the code (as the www-data user) and install
+it using the `develop` option to
+.. code-block:: bash
+   $ cd /usr/local/turbogears
+   $ sudo -u www-data svn checkout file:///var/svn/myapp/production myapp
+   $ cd myapp
+   $ sudo -u www-data bash
+   $ source /usr/local/pythonenv/myapp/bin/activate
+   $ python develop
+   $ exit
+by default :ref:`modwsgi_deploy <deploy_modwsgi_deploy>` will have specified
+that `production.ini` is in the root directory of this checkout.  See
+:ref:`deploy_ini_scc` for details on why you might **not** want that file to be
+checked into your main repository.

File docs/main/Deployment/Code.rst

+.. _deploy_code:
+Deploying Your Project
+There are a number of ways you can deploy your application's code in
+production.  While there is an "officially" standard way to deploy
+(via eggs), that pattern is not universally accepted.
+Your application's code is likely to be the most frequently changed
+component of your application (compared to the libraries that make up
+TurboGears), so you will likely re-deploy your code many times,
+possibly many times *per day*.
+* :ref:`Deploy with an Egg<tgeggdeployment>` -- which can be installed via
+  `easy_install` or `PIP` into your :ref:`deploy_modwsgi_appenv` with the
+  :ref:`deploy_ini` being the only file in the
+  :ref:`modwsgi_deploy <deploy_modwsgi_deploy>` directory
+  (`/usr/local/turbogears/myapp/` by default)
+* :ref:`deploy_checkout` (often of a branch or a tag)
+  directly into the `deployment` directory by the www-data user.  Note that
+  this requires some changes to your .ini file!
+What's Next?
+* :ref:`deploy_standard` provides an overview of the standard deployment process