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modified the default way of testing TG2 from nosetests to python test to avoid ImportErrors

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File docs/main/testing_core.rst

 Automated unit tests are essential to make the future growth of the
 project as error free as possible.
-TurboGears 2 uses Nose_, which makes testing easy. You can run the
-tests in each of the source directories just by running `nosetests`.
-For example, to run the test on the TG2 server:
+Although TurboGears2 uses Nose_ you should run tests with ````:
 .. code-block:: bash
+  (tg2dev)$ cd tg2
+  (tg2dev)$ python test 
-  (tg2dev)$ cd tg2
-  (tg2dev)$ nosetests
+Sometimes Nose_ may present false import errors, se we recommend running 
+```` as above if you get failed tests with ``ImportError``.
 .. _Nose:
-Default options for `nosetests` can often be found in the
-`[nosetests]` section of `setup.cfg` and additional options can be
-passed on the command line.  See the Nose_ documentation for details.
 With any luck, your tests will run and produce something like the following output::
-    Ran 245 tests in 2.457s
+    Ran 281 tests in 2.144s