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Fixing warnings. 0 remain again. Also updated how to build docs, as things have moved slightly. The process is now more streamlined.

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 We need several additional packages to support documentation development:
+   tgext.geo relies on MapFish, so we install it.
    This is requirement for the way we generate docs, provides memcache module
+   Sphinx_ is the tool used to generate html from the rst files.
    This is required for the documentation to avoid generating warnings when
    it is built.
 .. code-block:: bash
-   easy_install sqlalchemy python_memcached tgext.geo
-.. note::  tgext.geo may complain about not being able to install one of its
-   dependencies: MapFish.   This is not critical for building the docs, but
-   if this continues to be a problem you can install it with::
-       easy_install -i mapfish==1.1
+   easy_install sqlalchemy python_memcached tgext.geo mapfish sphinx
 After this, you should be able to verify your TurboGears |version| installation with
    paster tginfo
-We also need Sphinx_ which enables us to generate html from the rst files.  This can be installed by running easy_install:
-.. code-block:: bash
-    easy_install sphinx
 Finally, we are ready to set up the documentation.   If you feel ready and
 willing to assist with the documentation efforts, I hope you have contacted
 mpedersen via IRC (see above).   In order to help with the documentation,


 .. autoclass:: SignedCookie
 .. autoclass:: Session
 .. autoclass:: SessionObject
+.. autofunction:: b64decode
+.. autofunction:: b64encode
 .. autoclass:: SyncDict
 .. autoclass:: WeakValuedRegistry
 .. autoclass:: ThreadLocal
-.. autofunction:: b64decode
-.. autofunction:: b64encode
 .. autofunction:: verify_directory
 .. autofunction:: encoded_path
 .. autofunction:: verify_options


 .. autofunction:: html_escape
 .. autofunction:: timedelta_to_seconds
-.. autoclass:: FakeCGIBody
-    :members:
-.. autoclass:: ResponseBodyFile
-    :members:
-.. autoclass:: AppIterRange
-    :members:
-.. autofunction:: _rfc_reference
-.. autofunction:: _cgi_FieldStorage__repr__patch
 .. currentmodule:: webob.acceptparse
 .. autoclass:: EnvironHeaders
+.. currentmodule:: webob.descriptors
+.. autofunction:: _rfc_reference
 .. currentmodule:: webob.etag
 .. autoclass:: NoVars
+.. currentmodule:: webob.request
+.. autoclass:: FakeCGIBody
+    :members:
+.. autofunction:: _cgi_FieldStorage__repr__patch
+.. currentmodule:: webob.response
+.. autoclass:: ResponseBodyFile
+    :members:
+.. autoclass:: AppIterRange
+    :members:
 .. currentmodule:: webob.statusreasons
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