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Fixing warnings that were missed.

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File docs/main/Deployment/Apache.rst

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 Normally in an Apache deployment Apache is configured to serve your
-application's :ref:`static_files` folder directly.  This provides a
+application's static files folder directly.  This provides a
 significant performance advantage over having TurboGears serve these
 files.  Apache accesses the files directly from the disk and serves
 them without needing to load them into memory all at once.

File docs/main/Deployment/ModWSGI.rst

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    (tg2env)$ python setup.py develop
    (tg2env)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
-.. ignore::
-    .. code-block:: bash
+.. code-block:: bash
-       (tg2env)$ easy_install modwsgideploy
-       (tg2env)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
+   (tg2env)$ easy_install modwsgideploy
+   (tg2env)$ paster modwsgi_deploy --help
 .. todo:: When we have the branch integrated, replace with easy_install modwsgideploy