Ralph Bean avatar Ralph Bean committed 60ef72d

Removed unnecessary statements.

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             "pushd %s" % repr(self),
             "rmvirtualenv %s-venv" % repr(self),
             "mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages %s-venv" % repr(self),
+            "python setup.py test -q 2>> ../htmlcov/results-%s" % repr(self),
             "pip install coverage",
-            "python setup.py develop",
-            "python setup.py test",
             "coverage run --source=tw2/ setup.py test",
             "COV=$(coverage report | tail -1 | awk ' { print $4 } ')",
-            "python setup.py test -q 2>> ../htmlcov/results-%s" % repr(self),
             "coverage html --omit=*.kid --omit=*samples*",
             "mv htmlcov ../htmlcov/htmlcov-%s" % repr(self),
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