Ralph Bean avatar Ralph Bean committed 47f5585

Guess modname in post_define. Fixes #18.

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 class TestResourcesMisc(TestCase):
+    real_modname = 'nose.importer'
     def testJSSymbol(self):
         should set the src attribute
     def testAutoModname(self):
         l = twr.Link(filename="somefile")
-        eq_(l.modname, __name__)
+        eq_(l.modname, self.real_modname)
     def testAutoModnameReqPrep(self):
         l = twr.Link(filename="somefile")
         l = l.req()
-        eq_(l.modname, __name__)
+        eq_(l.modname, self.real_modname)
     def testAutoModnameInject(self):
         l = twr.Link(filename="somefile")
         local = tw2.core.core.request_local()
-        eq_(local['resources'][0].modname, __name__)
+        eq_(local['resources'][0].modname, self.real_modname)
     def testDirLink(self):
         dl = twr.DirLink(modname="tw2.core", filename="somefile")


-    def guess_modname(self):
+    @classmethod
+    def guess_modname(cls):
         """ Try to guess my modname.
         If I wasn't supplied any modname, take a guess by stepping back up the
     def post_define(cls):
+        if not cls.modname:
+            cls.modname = cls.guess_modname()
         if not cls.no_inject:
             if getattr(cls, 'filename', None) and \
                type(cls.filename) != property:
     def prepare(self):
-        if not self.modname:
-            self.modname = self.guess_modname()
         rl = core.request_local()
         if not self.no_inject:
             if not hasattr(self, 'link'):
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