megamahi committed 024c7c5

Added wrap param to set what tag the text should be wrapped with.

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 <%namespace name="tw" module="tw2.core.mako_util"/>
-<span id="${w.attrs['id']}">${w.initial_text}</span>
+<${w.wrap} id="${w.attrs['id']}">${w.initial_text}</${w.wrap}>


     template = "mako:tw2.dyntext.templates.dyntext"
     resources = [
+        jquery_js,
         twc.JSLink(modname=__name__, filename='static/dyntext.js'),
-        jquery_js
-    initial_text = twc.Param('Initial text to place in the widget', default='')
+    initial_text = twc.Param(
+        description='Initial text to place in the widget. Default: None',
+        default='')
+    wrap = twc.Param(
+        description = 'Tag to wrap the widget with. Default: span',
+        default='span')
     def prepare(self):
         super(DynamicTextWidget, self).prepare()
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