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100% test coverage.

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     test_suite = 'nose.collector',
+    tests_require = ['nose', 'BeautifulSoup', 'genshi'],
         # Register your widgets so they can be listed in the WidgetBrowser
+import tw2.core as twc
+def request_local_tst():
+    global _request_local, _request_id
+    if _request_local == None:
+        _request_local = {}
+    try:
+        return _request_local[_request_id]
+    except KeyError:
+        rl_data = {}
+        _request_local[_request_id] = rl_data
+        return rl_data
+twc.core.request_local = request_local_tst
+_request_local = {}
+_request_id = 'whatever'
+def setup():
+    twc.core.request_local = request_local_tst
+    twc.core.request_local()['middleware'] = twc.make_middleware()
+def test_excanvas_resource():
+    from tw2.excanvas import excanvas_js
+    target = "tw2.excanvas.base/static/excanvas.min.js"
+    assert(target in excanvas_js.display())
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