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Ralph Bean  committed 641b055

Change default widget size for new widget browser.

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File setup.py

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-    version='2.0.3',
+    version='2.0.4',
     description='toscawidgets2 wrapper for the javascript infovis toolkit(jit)',
     author='Ralph Bean',

File tw2/jit/widgets/core.py

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         '(string) background color of the jit container div',
         default='#3a3a3a', attribute=True)
-    width = twc.Param('(string) widget width', default='750',attribute=True)
+    width = twc.Param('(string) widget width', default='590',attribute=True)
-    height = twc.Param('(string) widget height', default='750',attribute=True)
+    height = twc.Param('(string) widget height', default='590',attribute=True)
     animate = twc.Param(
         '(boolean) Whether to add animated transitions.',