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 .. figure:: tw2.jit/raw/master/doc/images/screenshot1.png
     :alt: An examle of the RadialGraph widget
-    :target:
+    :target:
     :align: center
     A screenshot of the ``tw2.jit.widgets.RadialGraph`` widget in action.
 Peep the `live demonstration <>`_ and
-`screenshots <>`_.
+`screenshots <>`_.
-You can `get the source from github <>`_,
+You can `get the source from github <>`_,
 check out `the PyPI page <>`_, and
-report or look into `bugs <>`_.
+report or look into `bugs <>`_.
 This module, tw2.jit, provides `toscawidgets2 (tw2)`_ widgets that render `thejit`_ data visualizations.
 Sampling tw2.jit in the WidgetBrowser
 The best way to scope out ``tw2.jit`` is to load its widgets in the
 ``tw2.devtools`` WidgetBrowser.  To see the source code that configures them,
-check out ``tw2/jit/``
+check out ``tw2.jit/tw2/jit/``
-To give it a try you'll need git, mercurial, python, and virtualenv.  Run::
+To give it a try you'll need git, python, and `virtualenvwrapper
+<>`_.  Run::
-    $ git clone git://
+    $ git clone git://
     $ cd tw2.jit
-Setup a virtualenv with all the necessary tw2 dependencies::
-    $ mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages tw2.jit
-    $ python develop
-    $ pip install tw2.devtools
-Start up the tw2 development server::
-    $ paster tw2.browser
+    $ mkvirtualenv tw2.jit
+    (tw2.jit) $ pip install tw2.devtools
+    (tw2.jit) $ python develop
+    (tw2.jit) $ paster tw2.browser
 ...and browse to http://localhost:8000/ to check it out.