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Ralph Bean  committed 85906c3

Removed trailing whitespace.

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File tw2/jqplugins/jqgrid/widgets/core.py

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         base.jqgrid_locale, base.jqgrid_js, base.jqgrid_css,
     template = "tw2.jqplugins.jqgrid.templates.jqgrid"
     options = twc.Param("Configuration options to pass to jqgrid", default={})
     pager_options = twc.Param("Configuration options for pager", default={})
     pager_id = twc.Variable("options['pager'] placeholder", default=None)
     def prepare(self):
         if not self.options:
             raise ValueError, 'jqGridWidget must be supplied a dict of options'
         if (
             not 'url' in self.options and
             not 'data' in self.options and

File tw2/jqplugins/jqgrid/widgets/sqla.py

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         result = args[0]
         return result
 def is_attribute(x):
     return type(x) is sqlalchemy.orm.properties.ColumnProperty
 def is_relation(x):
     show_relations = tw2.core.Param("(bool) show relationships?", default=True)
     show_attributes = tw2.core.Param("(bool) show attributes?", default=True)
     def exclude_property(cls, p):
         explicitly_excluded = p.key in cls.excluded_columns
         if 'url' not in self.options:
             raise ValueError, "SQLAjqGridWidget options must contain 'url'"
         _options = self.options
-        super(SQLAjqGridWidget, self).prepare() 
+        super(SQLAjqGridWidget, self).prepare()
         pkey = self.entity.__mapper__.primary_key[0].key