tw2.jqplugins.tagify / tw2 / jqplugins / tagify /

The default branch has multiple heads

import tw2.core as twc
import tw2.forms as twf
import tw2.jquery
import tw2.jquery.base as tw2_jq_c_b
import tw2.jqplugins.ui.base as tw2_jq_ui

class TagifyWidget(tw2_jq_ui.JQueryUIWidget, twf.TextArea):
    # declare static resources here
    # you can remove either or both of these, if not needed
    resources = [
        twc.JSLink(modname=__name__, filename='static/jquery.tagify.js'),
        twc.CSSLink(modname=__name__, filename='static/tagify.css'),

    def prepare(self):
        super(TagifyWidget, self).prepare()
        # put code here to run just before the widget is displayed
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