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 This module adds the ability to link LessCSS based stylesheets.
-More Information: `Less CSS <>`_.
+More Information on LessCSS: `Less CSS <>`_.
+Using TW2's LessCSS resource with TurboGears2
+Lets use LessCSS to define a simple box with rounded corners and a drop-shadow.
+Create a file in the public folder TG2 project called 'simple.less'.
+    .rounded-corners (@radius: 5px) {
+      border-radius: @radius;
+      padding: @radius;
+      -webkit-border-radius: @radius;
+      -moz-border-radius: @radius;
+    }
+    .round-corners {
+        .rounded-corners;
+    }
+In your TG2 base-controller (projectname/lib/
+    from tg import url
+    from tw2.lesscss import LessCSSLink
+    class SimpleLess(LessCSSLink):
+        link=url('simple.less')
+in the `__call__` function of BaseController add:
+    LessTest.inject()
+above the return statement.
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