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import os

from distutils.core import setup, Command
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
import urllib2

from posixpath import basename
import re

class SetupBuildCommand(Command):
    Master setup build command to subclass from.

    user_options = []

    def initialize_options(self):
        Setup the current dir.
        self._dir = os.getcwd()

    def finalize_options(self):
        Set final values for all the options that this command supports.

class UpdateLessCSSCommand(SetupBuildCommand):
    Updates the Less CSS Runtime library
    description = "updates LessCSS with latest version"

    def run(self):
        page = urllib2.urlopen('')
        soup = BeautifulSoup(page)

        download_link = soup.findAll(id='download')
            link_obj = download_link[0]
        except IndexError:
            raise Exception, "Can't find the download link. The page must\
                have changed. File a bug-report and we will fix it!"

        # Get the download link and extract the version number
        dl_link = link_obj['href']
        file_name = basename(dl_link)
        r = re.compile('less-([\d.]+)')
        ver_num = r.match(file_name).groups()[0][:-1]

        # Check to see if the directory already exists, if not make it
        if not os.path.exists('tw2/lesscss/static/%s' % ver_num):
            os.mkdir('tw2/lesscss/static/%s' % ver_num)

        # Download LessCSS
        less_js = urllib2.urlopen(dl_link)
        with open('tw2/lesscss/static/%s/%s'%(ver_num, file_name), 'w') as js:
            print "Downloading %s to static/%s" % (file_name, ver_num)
        # Update
        vs_file = """
            version_num = '{ver_num}'
            file_name = '{file_name}'
        """.format(ver_num=ver_num, file_name=file_name)
        with open('tw2/lesscss/', 'w') as vs_py:
            print "Writing new"

        # Done!
        print 'Updated LessCSS to %s...' % ver_num