tw2.polymaps / tw2 / polymaps / templates / polymap.mak

<%namespace name="tw" module="tw2.core.mako_util"/>
<div ${tw.attrs(attrs=w.attrs)}>
<div id="${w.attrs['id']}:target"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var map = setupPolymap(${w.j('attrs')}, ${w.j('cloudmade_api_key')},
						   ${w.j('center_latlon')}, ${w.j('center_range')},
						   ${w.j('zoom')}, ${w.j('zoom_range')});
	map = setupPolymapControls(map,
	            ${w.j('arrow')}, ${w.j('compass')}, ${w.j('dblclick')},
				${w.j('drag')}, ${w.j('grid')}, ${w.j('hash')},
				${w.j('interact')}, ${w.j('wheel')}
	% if hasattr(w, 'interval'):
	map = setupPolymapPollingData(map,
	% else:
	map = setupPolymapData(map,
	% endif
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