Ralph Bean committed 1822a6e

Updated script to create directories for you.

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 arch=$(uname -i);
 if [ "$arch" == "x86_64" ] ; then
-elif [ "$arch" == "x86_32" ] ; then
+elif [ "$arch" == "i386" ] ; then
         echo "Unrecognized arch $arch";
         target=$(echo $pth | sed "s/__xml__/$ARCH/" | sed "s/.rrd.xml/.rrd/")
         echo "Converting from $pth";
         echo "             to      $target";
-        rm -f $target;
+        rm -rf $target;
+        fname=$( basename $target )
+        direc=$(echo $target | sed "s/$fname//g")
+        mkdir -p $direc
         rrdtool restore $pth $target
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