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Name refactoring TinyMCE to TinyMCEWidget

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File tw2/tinymce/

-from widgets import TinyMCE
+from widgets import *
 from base import MarkupConverter

File tw2/tinymce/

 import widgets
-class DemoTinymce(widgets.TinyMCE):
+class DemoTinymce(widgets.TinyMCEWidget):
     # Provide default parameters, value, etc... here
     # default = <some-default-value>

File tw2/tinymce/

 from tw2.forms import TextArea
 import re
-class TinyMCE(TextArea):
+class TinyMCEWidget(TextArea):
     # declare static resources here
     # you can remove either or both of these, if not needed
     resources = [base.tinymce_js, base.tinymce_dir]
     include_dynamic_js_calls = True
     def prepare(self):
-        super(TinyMCE, self).prepare()
+        super(TinyMCEWidget, self).prepare()
         options = self.default_options.copy()
         if self.locale in self.langs: