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from tw2.core.resources import encoder
import tw2.core as twc

import tw2.jquery
import tw2.jquery.base as tw2_jq_c_b
import tw2.jqplugins.ui.base as tw2_jq_ui

import base

class TipsterWidget(tw2_jq_ui.JQueryUIWidget):
    resources = [
        tw2_jq_ui.jquery_ui_js, tw2_jq_ui.jquery_ui_css,
        base.tipster_js, base.tipster_css
    template = "mako:tw2.tipster.templates.tipster"

    tips = twc.Param(
        "A list of tips.", default=["Here's a tip.  Wash your face!"])

    stopTipsURL = twc.Param(
        "URL to stop tips from showing up for this user.", default="")

    def prepare(self):
        self._tips = encoder.encode(
        super(TipsterWidget, self).prepare()