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Tweaks to editor

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 <div xmlns:py="">
-<textarea py:attrs="w.attrs"></textarea>
+<textarea py:attrs="w.attrs">$w.value</textarea>
 <script type="text/javascript">
     YAHOO.util.Event.onDOMReady(function() {
-        var myEditor = new YAHOO.widget.Editor('$w.compound_id', $w.options);
+        var myEditor = new YAHOO.widget.SimpleEditor('$w.compound_id', $w.options);


         twc.JSLink(modname=__name__, filename="static/2.7.0/editor/editor-min.js"),
     template = "genshi:tw2.yui.templates.editor"
+    options = {'handleSubmit': 1}
     # default to a fairly large size
     rows = 20
-    cols = 75
+    cols = 100
 class TreeView(YuiWidget):
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